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  • talk with classroom teachers and the ERT regarding the IEP students you will have in September





  • devote a good 2 full days to IEP planning
  • initiate meetings with the classroom teachers, ERTs, EAs, and former FSL teachers as needed
  • compile a list of names, exceptionalities, and the levels that the students are working at (or the ERT may give you this list)
  • think about your programming and compile IEP activity booklets for each student along with answer booklets for the EAs.  Make sure that there is a variety of activities for all 3 strands of evaluation
  • collaborate with the homeroom teacher on seating plans
  • make up a template of your daily lesson plan and have an area on the page where you name each IEP student in each class and what they will work on during that day’s lesson.  This information will be especially handy when you have a supply teacher in for you and it gives the supply teacher a “heads up” before they start their day
  • leave IEP activities for the supply teacher in your supply teacher file
  • think about evaluation, especially what you will focus on in Terms 1, 2, and 3
  • compile resources that you can “pull” activities from throughout the year
  • discuss with the EA(s) how you will communicate daily lesson plans/expectations (i.e. before school starts, at the beginning of class, in a logbook, etc...)
  • look into computer programs (Curswell) or websites that offer relevant activities for your IEP students





  • start up the year and do a periodic check of how things are working
  • re-adjust activity levels/expectations/etc... as necessary
  • compile an FSL IEP student logbook for easy access to information and to hand over to the next FSL teacher if need be
  • dialogue with colleagues, consultants, and keep files of activities/websites that have worked well for you
  • share and trade resources with colleagues in order to build up your files