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By:  Niki Newport, FSL Teacher and Author


In general, existing French programs:

- are modified/accommodated - use E.A. facilitation
- use/repeat English instructions - provide many written models/examples
- adjust evaluation accordingly







- IEP/ELL students experience difficulty learning even with extensive modifications
- the modifications render the FSL program too easy hence students become adjusted
  to learning and doing less
- sensitivity to the fact that IEP/ELL students are not learning the same material as their
- not enough work is given for oral communication and reading which makes it difficult
  to evaluate come report card time
- the E.A. does not know French or does not stay to help during French class
- IEP/ELL students are easily forgotten by the French teacher since the E.A. is facilitating
- little work is actually completed throughout the year
- parents do not want the child participating in French class or request no French                   




- provide IEP/ELL students with a separate booklet that contains a variety of                                                                                        
  supplementary exercises covering all 3 evaluation strands
- find activities that cover basic themes such as school, family, clothing, etc...
- decide on what percentage of the grade appropriate curriculum you hope that
  student will fulfill for that year.  Base your planning on this percentage.
- include IEP/ELL students in all daily oral routines
- every now and then, give the entire class a less challenging task that is at level
  for your IEP/ELL students
- communicate with the E.A. at the beginning of each lesson
- check up on each IEP/ELL student at some point during the French period
- provide due dates for work completion after ample time has been given in class
- scale down the amount of questions for an IEP/ELL student to complete
  ex.  Questions #1-#5 instead of Questions #1-#15.
- incorporate your IEP/ELL students slowly into the regular French program.
  ex.  by 3rd term, using a supplementary booklet, using a modified unit under study, etc...
- assign your IEP/ELL students a buddy for oral presentations in front of the class or
  to have them present to you only, etc...