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Table Des Matières Sample Activity


Students will be able to ask and answer trivia questions in complete sentences in both oral and written form.

1. Combien.? 6. Pourquoi.?
2. Comment.? 7. Quand.?
3. Est-ce que.? 8. Quel(s)/Quelle(s).?
4. Nomme. 9. Qu'est-ce que.?
5. Où.? 10. Qui.?

"Trousse Trivia!!!" is a fun and informative way to start the day! Your junior/intermediate students will be intrigued by daily trivia. They will be even more excited knowing that one of the trivia questions asked may be their very own. "Trousse Trivia!!!" is a kit that allows students to create their own trivia questions to ask the class. This package offers trivia question and answer structures that are very teacher and student friendly.

"Trousse Trivia!!!" contains 10 trivia subjects. For each subject, there are 10 possible trivia question structures. They are formatted onto 2 sheets entitled "fiche 1", the easier of the trivia question sheets, and "fiche 2". The student-created trivia questions will be diverse and unique! Each question will change with the information that the student chooses to fill in. Therefore, the possibilities are endless!

"Trousse Trivia!!!" contains other useful items. There are blank trivia question slips entitled "Sujets multiples" and "Sujets de ton choix" for advanced students. You will find a student reference interrogative sheet along with follow-up activities. These exercises will help students to differentiate between interrogatives, and to develop their questioning and answering techniques. In addition, there are detailed suggested instructions. Step by step, you will see how to set up a daily trivia questioning routine in your classroom.

What a fun and interesting way to develop oral and written skills!