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Table Des Matières Sample Activity

The SONDAGES package that you have purchased is intended to be a user-friendly package. There are 24 thematic surveys that may be used with Grades 4-8 at almost any time during the school year to help improve your students' oral speaking and reading comprehension skills. Some sheets may act as back to school activities while others may supplement specific themes in your programs. Extra activities at the bottom of each page serve to illicit opinions from each student. Each activity should require a minimum of 1-2 French periods to complete. Each teacher should assign specific time frames for completion of the activities.

Here are some helpful instructions that will ensure success in your classrooms:
  1. Photocopy the appropriate sheet for your class.
  2. Explain your expectations of this exercise to your students. i.e. - Students must read through the activity completely, ask or answer each question in full sentences, speak only in French, keep asking the same question until they find a positive response, have their friend sign their name upon finding a positive response, continually circulate and survey different classmates, answer the question(s) at the bottom of the page, keep noise to a minimum, etc...
  3. Read through the exercise with your students. You may have them translate challenging words. You may decide for yourself whether or not you would like your students to complete the exercise independently, in a group or as a class.
  4. Explain your evaluation methods to your students. Each teacher is encouraged to create a rubric for different grade levels and/or targetting specific aspects of the activity. Teachers are also encouraged to circulate about the classroom in order to evaluate oral speaking skills and enforce the consistent usage of French.
  5. Once your students have completed their surveys, you may direct them to hand them in or take them up together as a class.
  6. You may further use the survey results in order to supplement your program as you choose.
And finally...

Have fun while having your students survey one another en français!