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Table Des Matières Sample Activity

Do your students ever struggle with changing affirmative sentences into their negative form? Do they often place "ne" and "pas" in the wrong order? Eliminate negation mix-up with "Un sandwich au négatif s'il vous plaît!!!" This unit offers a unique way of making negative sentences come alive, using sandwich characters.

Teach your students how to easily write negative sentences in the 3 main tenses. Help them to succeed with negation in the "le présent de l'indicatif" by introducing them to "Le Petit Pain Présent". Have them master negation in "le passé compose" with "Le Pita Passé" and in "le futur proche" with "Le Focaccia Futur".

This engaging unit offers explanations on when to use the tenses. Within these descriptions are specific formulas for negation, examples, and accompanying sandwich characters. Each character's ingredients represent parts of all 3 tenses' negative formulations. In addition, there are 10 activity sheets per tense. These exercises focus on changing affirmative sentences into their negative form, using a variety of "er", "re", and "ir" verbs.

"Un sandwich au négatif s'il vous plaît" makes learning negation fun! In essence, students will associate certain sandwich ingredients with particular parts of a negative sentence. This method offers them a different way of visualizing the order of negation, rather than always relying on memorization. Let "Le Petit Pain Présent", "Le Pita Passé" and "Le Focaccia Futur" add flavour to your French class!