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Poutine... fries with an attitude! by musician Ron Cahute and french teacher Jane Lapko is an entertaining album for kids that teaches often tedious French language structures. The secret in its success not only lies in the motivating melodies, but also in the English lyrics that explain what the French structures mean. This alleviates confusion and provides a non-threatening environment for learning and speaking. Before you know it, YOU KNOW IT!!!

Poutine has proven to be successful in primary, junior, and intermediate core French programs. It is an indispensable tool especially in classrooms where French may be a third or forth language for some students. Poutine is also a great remedial tool to help special needs / special program students or to help parents who don't speak French but would like to provide their children with exposure (and incentive) to the language. Poutine has proven to be successful in all of these situations because it makes learning easy and fun!

The Poutine Teacher's Guide and Reproducible Activities provides exercises that reinforce and / or extend the structures learned from the songs. The activities are fun and user friendly for teachers and students. Each page also has at least one picture of Monsieur Poutine that can be coloured. (Great for those students who tend to finish quickly!)

Each of the 10 Poutine songs addresses one or more concepts, you can hear a short clip by clicking on the song title:

ALPHABET Here's a new spin on an old favourite! The military melody 
with its numerous repetitions will have your kids singing the Alphabet like never before!

CALENDAR GIRL This popular melody targets the months of the year and will leave your students wanting to listen again and again!

MANNERS Four important "polite" words are targetted: merci, de rien,
bonjour, and bonne nuit. The invigorating Irish melody and
explanations by Uncle Ronnie will have students using their
manners in no time!

MULTI-COLOURED BLUES This jazz tune targets the major colours while telling a story. The students can then draw and colour the picture from the song!

COUNT TO 10 A Calypso melody that teaches children how to count to 10 en français in a snap!

POUTINE What are the ingredients to this gastronomical classic from Québec? Listen and find out!

JE VEUX MANGER Oh Chère Maman! I'm hungry now! A fun song that targets food vocabulary and the structure "Je voudrais..."

PUIS-JE CUCARACHA Four important "puis-je" expressions are targetted throughout
this marvelous Mexican melody: Puis-je aller à la toilette?, Puis-je tailler mon crayon?, Puis-je aller à mon casier?, and Puis-je aller boire?. A great song for September!

DAYS OF THE WEEK A gospel rendition of les jours de la semaine.

AVOIR DISCO DANCE This disco melody will have your students grooving and 
participating as they learn 8 major idiomatic expressions that are used with AVOIR: j'ai 10 ans, j'ai faim, j'ai soif, j'ai chaud, j'ai froid, j'ai raison, j'ai tort, j'ai envie.  They'll want to hear and sing it again and again!