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Do you ever feel that your existing French programs need more reading content? As an experienced French teacher, I have quite often felt this way. Ooh Là-Là Lecture!!! is a supplementary unit used to support the reading comprehension of primary to early junior level students. It is also a great resource for I.E.P. students! It offers simplistic stories with themes appealing to younger minds. Every story page contains a blank area for illustration. That page is followed by a sheet of simple reading comprehension exercises. With ten stories in total, it may be neatly assembled to form a reading booklet!




Students will read each story and answer related questions.


Suggestions for assembly :


- At the beginning of the year, decide on the amount and the order of the stories to be covered.

-Photocopy each story page and exercise page onto differently coloured paper.

-Glue (or staple the four corners) of each page onto manila tag sheets.

-Hole punch each manila tag sheet and place them into individual duo-tangs to form a reading booklet!


Suggestions for use :


- For younger primary grades, (ex. Grade 1/the start of Grade 2) simply read the stories and illustrate. Gradually introduce the exercise sheets. Modeling the first one or first few exercise pages will be beneficial. The structure of each exercise sheet remains the same to allow for familiarity.


- For I.E.P. students, make the booklet at the beginning of the year. Provide the answer sheet for the E.A. This booklet may be used as a resource to your existing F.S.L. program, or serve as an additional supplement among many already being used. The booklet is ideal for allowing I.E.P. students to practise reading. (Often times there is a tendency to concentrate on giving I.E.P. students written work only).




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