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Table Des Matières Sample Activity



READY, SET, GO!!! Every student loves a good game or competition, so why not introduce or review vocabulary in a fun and competitive way! Minute French – Vocabulary is a great and stimulating way to introduce and/or review high frequency thematic vocabulary from units under study for Gr. 4-8 students. Students will feel challenged to recall words to see how high they can score thereby rendering vocabulary acquisition much more interesting. Some sheets may be used for review purposes while others may be used to introduce or supplement specific themes in your programs. No matter which way you use Minute French - Vocabulary, your students will find vocabulary learning a lot more fun and a lot less boring!


Here are some helpful instructions that will ensure success in your classrooms:


1. Photocopy the appropriate activity for your class.

2. Explain your expectations of the exercise to your students. i.e. - Students must translate as many words as possible into French within the given time frame (1 minute). You may decide for yourself whether or not you would like your students to complete the exercise independently, with a partner, in a group, as a row or as a class. If you are introducing the vocabulary at the start of a new unit of study, you may want to give the students more time and allow the use of dictionaries.

3. Read through the English words with your students to ensure clarity.

4. Explain your evaluation methods to your students (i.e. whether or not you will be recording the marks or just playing it as a game).

5. Once your students have answered all questions, you may decide to have students either hand in their sheets for correction or correct them together as a class.

6. You may choose to assemble your students in partners or in groups to practise their questions/answers for more vocabulary reinforcement.

7. You may choose to use other ideas or extension activities in order to further reinforce the vocabulary.