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Table Des Matières Sample Activity

Not all kids love to learn, but all kids love to play games! Why not provide them with both? 5-5-5 Jackpot!!! is a fun, yet educational way of challenging the student mind with questions. There's always a group in each class that needs to be convinced: learning French can be an enjoyable experience! This game's format will do just that, involving the entire class!

5-5-5 Jackpot!!! is a game that asks 5 questions to 2 teams of 5 students. The goal is to provide the 5 most popular answers to those 5 questions. AND.each answer is worth 5 points! The team with the most points, chooses 2 members to advance to the challenge round. If the challenge round is won.Jackpot!

5-5-5 Jackpot!!! is a game suitable for grades 6-9 core French. This package includes rules, along with a suggested model of how to incorporate it into your classroom routine. The core of the game consists of 80 questions. They are divided into 16 possible rounds of 5 questions each. The questions are from a variety of themes. The format of each round allows the teacher to pre-teach the 5 questions to the whole class prior to the competition. Also provided are 80 questions for the challenge round. The 5 most suggested popular answers to both sets of questions are included as well. Finally, you will find a sample outline of how to post the answers.

Understanding and answering questions successfully are at the base of mastering a second language. The more ways we expose our students to learning this, the easier it will be for them to acquire this skill. Games should be a part of this exposure. 5-5-5 Jackpot is an exciting way to begin!