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Table Des Matières Sample Activity

The IEP/ELL RESCUE UNIT package that you have purchased is intended to be a user-friendly package. Created to help you program for students on modified and/or accommodated FSL programs or ELL learners, each of the 12 thematic units may be used with students in Grades 4-8 at almost any time during the school year. Some sheets may act as back to school activities while others may supplement specific themes in your programs. Each thematic unit has 4 pages of activities progressing from easy to more challenging and ending with a final task. Because no two learners are alike and since Special Needs students differ greatly in their exceptionalities, each teacher may decide which sheets to photocopy for his/her students. One student may be capable of completing only the first 2 pages of activities while another may complete all four. Let your professional judgment guide you. Educational Assistants will also find the activities easy to understand and use.

Each unit follows the same format of activities and all activities have:
  • English instructions
  • 14 size font
  • all commands underlined and in bold font
  • extra writing space
  • graphics to enhance visual learning

Here are some helpful instructions that will ensure success in your classrooms:
  1. Photocopy the appropriate activities for your student(s). Place the activities in a duo- tang/binder so that they are organized and easy to find. Or, you may choose to enlarge the activities by photocopying them onto 12x18 paper (poster-size).
  2. Explain your expectations of this exercise to your student(s). i.e. - Complete pages 1 and 2 and learn 5 new vocabulary words; complete all pages including the Final Task; only the Final Task will be evaluated; etc...
  3. Read through each exercise with your student(s). You may have them pencil in answers as they go along or even translate challenging words.
  4. Explain your evaluation methods to your students. You may choose to evaluate one or more activities, use one specific sheet to evaluate, or just evaluate the Final Task. You may also decide to have each student present an activity to you orally in order to collect an oral presentation mark. The choice is yours.
  5. If need be, assign a due date to each student for completion of his/her activities.
  6. You may also decide to have each student present various activities to you orally in order to collect oral speaking marks.
  7. Once finished, collect each student's activity booklet and evaluate it. You may even choose to display the student's work.