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Table Des Matières Sample Activity

The FRENCH THEMATIC PLACEMATS package that you have purchased is intended to be a user-friendly package. There are 25 thematic placemats that may be used with Grades 1-4 at almost any time during the school year to help reinforce your students' French vocabulary while creating personalized placemats. Most placemats are intended to supplement specific themes in your programs. Each activity should require a minimum of 2 French periods to complete. Each teacher should assign specific time frames for completion of the activities.

Here are some helpful instructions that will ensure success in your classrooms:
  1. Decide on the type/size of paper to be used. The placemats are on legal 8.5x14 paper. If you would like bigger placemats, you can use 11x17 paper. Increase the photocopying to 121%.
  2. Photocopy the appropriate placemat for your class.
  3. Explain your expectations of this exercise to your students. i.e. - Students must draw their own images or cut and paste images from magazines/catalogues or use computer generated graphics
  4. Read through the exercise with your students. You may have them translate challenging words or phonetically spell certain problem words.
  5. You may have your students complete the exercise independently, with a partner or in a group.
  6. Explain your evaluation methods to your students. Each teacher is encouraged to create a rubric for different grade levels and/or targeting specific aspects of the activity.
  7. Once your students have completed their placemats, you may want to laminate them for use at their desks or the kitchen table.
  8. Assemble your students in partners or in groups to showcase their work and read their vocabulary.
And finally...

Have fun while having your students create their placemats en français!


It is understood that upon purchase of this unit,
the purchaser has the right to reproduce activities for his/her classroom use.
Any other reproduction or duplication by any means is a violation of copyright law and strictly prohibited.