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Well, it's finally here! Crêpe Suzette is the follow-up CD to Poutine...fries with an attitude! and it's taking classrooms by storm! Musicians Uncle Ron and Madame Jane have come up with another awesome album for kids using the same format as Poutine - motivating melodies and lyrics that explain what the French structures mean. This alleviates confusion and provides a non-threatening environment for learning and speaking. Before you know it, YOU KNOW IT!!! There are even some all French songs to learn including Ô Canada!

Crêpe Suzette has proven to be successful in primary, junior, and intermediate core French programs. It is an indispensable tool especially in classrooms where French may be a third or fourth language for some students. Crêpe Suzette is also a great remedial tool to help special needs / special program students or to help parents who don't speak French but would like to provide their children with exposure (and incentive) to the language. Crêpe Suzette has proven to be successful in all of these situations because it makes learning easy and fun!

The Crêpe Suzette Teacher's Guide and Reproducible Activities provides exercises that reinforce and / or extend the structures learned from the songs. The activities are fun and user friendly for teachers and students and are contained all on one page. This reduces the amount of photocopies that need to be made since many teachers are now given a specific amount of copies that they can make for the term or for the whole year!

Each of the 14 Crêpe Suzette songs addresses one or more concepts.

BONNE FÊTE An old classic that every teacher should have at his / her fingertips! Join along and sing!

COUNT TO 20 A follow-up to Poutine's "Count to Ten", this motivating melody will have you counting to 20 in no time!

CRÊPE SUZETTE An hommage to this French gastromical delight!

GASTON THE MUSIC MAN Come learn about "Gaston the Music Man" and all of the instruments that he plays!

L'HALLOWE'EN This all French song will introduce your students to the major players on Halloween night with its awesome arrangement and sound effects!

HOKEY POKEY An old classic, let's do the Hokey Pokey and learn our parts of the body en français!

I KNOW LOTS OF NAMES A classic country tune that introduces us to 94 girls' and boys' names in French. Can you say them all in one breath?

I SPEAK FRENCH A motivational song to inspire your students to speak French every day!

LET'S GO TO SCHOOL TOGETHER Allons à l'école ensemble! Find out what you can do and find à l'école!

NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST Let's learn our directions in French with this swinging jazz tune!

Ô CANADA! The French version of the Canadian National Anthem. Every teacher needs to have this!

PREPOSITIONS You can learn your French prepositions with this song in a snap!

WHAT TIME IS IT? Quelle heure est-il? Listen to this swinging song and find out! A great song for learning time!