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Every student needs a French notebook, so why not give them a "Cool Cahier!!!"? "Cool Cahier DEUX!!!" is is the latest addition to the "Cool Cahier!!!" family! It is an easy way to introduce junior/ intermediate students to notebook organization and to independent learning. It It also offers them accessible information that will provide them with a solid foundation for oral and written communication. This package includes a different variety of sheets from the original "Cool Cahier!!!" unit. Choose the ones that will best meet the needs of your students!

Organizing your students' notebooks using "Cool Cahier DEUX!!!" will help to prepare them for a successful year of French. This package is made up of ten core sheets. You will find a series of reference sheets detailing conversation starters, pronouns, interrogatives, verb tenses including "le futur proche and "le passé composé", adjectives, and time. With three related exercises and the answer sheet, you may further review these structures with your students.

Ideally, this process would begin in September; however, January is also a good starting point. Photocopy the first seven sheets of the package and have students glue them into their notebooks. Keep in mind that some can be glued on the inside covers, and on the first and last few pages of the notebook. Certain sheets will need to be excluded depending upon grade level. It is very important to explain each sheet in detail, allowing for some English to be spoken. This approach will ensure clear use for the remainder of the year. Remember, providing students with easily accessible information encourages them to be further independent.

Students will enjoy using "Cool Cahier DEUX!!!", because an improvement in oral and written accuracy equals success!