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Sample Chaise Chaude Activity

The CHAISE CHAUDE package that you have purchased is intended to be a user-friendly package. There are 16 thematic sheets that may be used with Grades 4-6 at almost any time during the school year to help improve your students' oral communication skills while playing the popular game CHAISE CHAUDE. Some sheets may act as back to school activities while others may supplement specific themes in your programs. This method will provide ample practise for all students! If your students/classes find the questions too long or too difficult, have them just complete five questions from each sheet. This approach will provide an adequate amount of sentences for weaker classes and/or students.

Here are some helpful instructions that will ensure success in your classrooms:

1. Photocopy the appropriate sheet for your class.

2. Explain your expectations of this exercise to your students. i.e. - Students must use proper intonation when asking a question and the person in the hot seat must use full sentence answers with good flow and pronunciation when responding.

3. Read through the exercise with your students. You may have them pencil in answers as they go along or even translate challenging words. You may decide for yourself whether or not you would like your students to complete the exercise independently, in a group or as a class. Encourage and allow the use of dictionaries.

4. Explain your evaluation methods to your students. You may choose to use the enclosed rubric in this package or make up one of your own. Give each student a rubric so that they fully understand how they are being evaluated. Explain vague terms to them such as "pronunciation", "flow", etc.. You may choose to only evaluate specific categories on the rubric.

5. Once your students have answered all questions, you may decide to have them do a mock run through with the teacher in the hot seat.

6. Assemble your students in partners or in groups to practise their questions/answers. 7. After each student has been in the hot seat, hand back his/her evaluation form and send it home for a parental signature if desired.