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Table Des Matières Sample Activity

Let your intermediate students be the stars they've always dreamed of with "Celebrity Interviews!!!". They'll love the spotlight, and you'll love them practising their French! One student will be a famous host/hostess of a talk or a radio show. The other student will impersonate a male or female actor, musician, politician, model or athlete! With this package's set-up, students may present interviews in different ways. They may choose a single interview as an oral presentation, or add a few together to create a talk show skit.

Each celebrity interview is set up similarly. All interviews are formatted as structured outlines. They are written in such a way, as to allow students to write about anyone from the 5 categories of celebrities previously mentioned. Each outline easily guides them through the writing process, as much of the sentence structure and vocabulary are already provided. Students are encouraged to fill in the blank areas with accurate information that pertains to their particular celebrity.

"Celebrity Interviews!!!" is ideal for grades 7-10 because it offers students a fun way of doing oral presentations. In addition, it will help to reinforce grammatical and verb structures appropriate for these grade levels. Finally, you can get the whole class involved! "Celebrity Interviews!!!" also contains audience questions for each interview, and 3 types of peer evaluation forms. Let the acting begin!!!


1. Photocopy the same sample interview for each student and/or make an overhead of it.

2. Choose a celebrity that you are familiar with, and show students how to fill in a sample interview.

3. Read the interview chorally as a class, and/or choose certain students to present it.

4. Once students become familiar with this process, brainstorm ideas on how to present the interview as a skit.

5. Make students aware of their options. For example, the interview may actually be presented in front of the class, recorded as a radio show to be played on cassette, or it may even be videotaped.

6. Students will pair up to choose a celebrity and talk or radio show host/hostess.

7. Students will research both during a French computer period, at home, or during one of the homeroom teacher's computer times. (If accurate celebrity information cannot be found, they may fabricate it, as the process of answering the questions is more important.)

8. Students will fill in the blank areas of the interview using their researched info, and other resources. (Ex. a Fr/Eng dictionary)

9. Students will then make cue cards for their particular roles, and a final copy of the interview for evaluation.

10. Pairs will practise the interview aloud during class time, and for homework.

11. Finally, pairs will fill in the answers to the audience questions, and hand them out to 5 members of the class. Those 5 students will ask these questions during the presentation in class.