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Teachers, are you frustrated with your students' haphazard spelling and usage of accents? If so, then this unit is for you! " La Famille des Accents et Signes" was specifically developed to improve the writing and accuracy of French accents and signs. Researched (all the way to Paris!) and test driven for many years, I have found that after completing these activities, whether as individual activities or in group centres, my students have a better understanding and usage of their accents. In using these activities, you as their teacher MUST insist upon the neatness accuracy of each accent in order to see results from your students!

In this package, you will find:

Multiple activities for each accent and sign. These activities include:

1. - An introductory page for each accent and sign that explains its history and function

- Fiche #1 - practice activities

- Fiche #2 - practice activities

- Paragraphe - practice activity for hand or computer

- Écoutons! - listening activity

- Test - for evaluating

- Cherche-Mot - to have fun!

2. Final activities with all accents and signs mixed together are also included!

3. A set of flash cards of all accents and signs.

In your classes, you need not use all of the activities for each accent as you may find that 2 or 3 activities will suffice. I have included these multiple activities for variety. In my classes, I have used individual sheets for reinforcement and have also used various sheets for learning centres, supply teachers as well as homework review. The possibilities are endless!

It is my hope that you and your students will enjoy this unit as much as I did creating it!